Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gabby 1.0 announced

Gabby lets you make free international calls from USA from an android phone using your existing Unovon account.
When you place a call, we seamlessly setup the call forwarding on your unovon account, place the call to your unovon phone number and then remove the call forwarding.
An exisitng Unovon account is mandatory to use Gabby.

We are currently offering Gabby for free as an introductory offer.

1. Setup once and save unovon account details
2. Call using dialpad or existing phone contacts
3. Seamless setup and removal of callforwarding on your unovon account
4. Logs feature lets you easily redial a previously dialed number

1. Voice plan to call the unovon number
2. Data (wifi or edge or 3g or H+ or LTE) for setting-up call forwarding
3. Unovon account

Please contact gabby.help@gmail.com for support, feature suggestions, etc.

"Keep talking"

-Gabby Team

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